Hawthorn player and coach ratings, round 2, Hawthorn versus Western Bulldogs

The round two loss by Hawthorn at the hands of the Western Bulldogs was highlighted by the Hawks being up by 30 points early in the last only to lose by 19 points. In the wake of the remarkable turnaround forums lit up with fans raging about the deplorable standard of the umpiring being the key factor in the result.  Hawthorn coach Alastair Clarkson was having none of this by calling a spade a fucking shovel in his presser by commending the Dogs as the better team on the day whilst bemoaning the performance of the Hawks.

To be so far up in the last and lose was unacceptable. There were reasons for the fade out with the Hawks being two men down for the last quarter with both Shaun Burgoyne and Liam Shiels sitting out the game due to injuries. The team being limited in their rotations against a young and fast Dogs team was pivotal with the last quarter avalanche having the stand out of the opposition midfielders kicking key goals when unchecked running into the forward 50. Despite this, both Jaeger O’Meara and Isaac Smith had chances in the last to kick pivotal goals only to miss. If they went through it would have likely quelled the uprising but when they missed the Dogs still had hope and they grabbed it with both hands to seal a disappointing result for the Hawks.

Player Ratings;

Blake Hardwick- 5

Solid without ever being spectacular.

James Frawley- 6

The key back man did his role in limiting the effect of the Dogs young star, Aaron Naughton

Jack Scrimshaw
– 6

A better game from the young rebounding defending. He is still getting used to new team mates and systems but is shaping up nicely.

Shaun Burgoyne- 6

The Legend missing the last was a huge key in the loss. In the wake of the Dogs surge his cleverness, versatility and execution in the key moments was sorely missed.

James Sicily- 5

Sicily is arguably the most lethal attacking defender in the game. He is brilliant as an intercept marker and lethal in commanding the rebound with his daring and high grade foot skills. The other aspect is he is still exploitable as a defender when forced to man up and operate as a traditional defender rather than zoning off free. Along with being too easy to bait. These aspects were keys in the last quarter avalanche from the Dogs.

Ben Stratton
– 6

Very like the game of Hardwick. The new skipper was solid without ever influencing the result.

Harry Morrison- 3

I thought the youngster struggled for the most and might benefit with a few games back at Box Hill

Liam Shiels- 5

Whilst not dominating before being injured, Shiels sitting out the last was a huge key in the loss. It deprived the team of a key runner along with a defensive key in their midfield.

Jarman Impey- 4

After being dominant against the Crows, the small defender was not given the same license by the Dogs.

Jarryd Roughead- 6

The veteran key forward did his role.

Conor Nash- 2

Nash offers so much with his pressuring skills in the forward half. The downside is he offers little from an attacking sense. His position in the side might be under threat after this non-descript display.

Isaac Smith- 6

The line breaking wing man is such a key for the team. As such, he was only ok in this game without ever being defining.

Luke Breust- 6

Breust is always dangerous with how clever he is as a forward. He kicked a goal and would have been rated higher if he didn’t miss a soda.

Jack Gunston- 9

I thought Gunston was brilliant in kicking 4 goals as well as being key in setting up others.

Paul Puopolo
– 6

A better game by the veteran small defensive forward. He was clever in getting out the back with his reading of the play and running to position.

Ben McEvoy-, 6

The ruck man was very good with his taps and work around the ground but lost Josh Schache in transition on a number of occasions. It was pivotal with Schache kissing four goals.

James Worpel- 7

The young midfielder was impressive with his attack on the footy and contested ball winning ability.

Jaeger O’Meara- 8

Another A-grade performance from the silken midfielder. The only lapse was the missed goal on the run in the last quarter which was a soda for one as skilled as JOM.

Ricky Henderson- 9

Henderson rarely gets the dues he deserves. I thought he was best on ground for the Hawks on the day. He was very good in both setting up play off the wing as well as dropping back into defence.

Jonathon Ceglar- 5

The second ruck did his role without ever having much of a say during the game.

James Cousins- 6

Another solid game from the young midfielder. My only criticism was him deferring a shot on goal to Isaac Smith in the last when he was well within range with his kicking skills. As well as sealing a goal from similar distance earlier in the game

Tom Scully
– 4

It stood out that Scully was lacking a run and struggling with the pace.

Alastair Clarkson- 7

The master coach was cruelled by the injuries to both Shaun Burgoyne and Liam Shiels which were key in the eventual result. His tactics were typically astute. The only down side was the intimate knowledge Luke Beveridge has as a previous disciple of Clarko. The Dogs coach was able to limit Clarkson’s effect on the result which was such a stand out of the round one tactical dissection of the Crows. The defence commanded that result but this was countered by Beveridge with him never allowing the many damaging rebounders to be a factor due to limiting their ability to zone off.

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