Hawthorn player ratings- JLT 2, Hawthorn versus Richmond

Kaiden Brand- 1/10

Injured himself early when dropping an easy chest mark. He came back onto the ground but gave little to enthuse about

James Frawley- 9/10

Frawley was exceptional in completely blanketing Jack Riewoldt in the first half. The game flipped after half time when he was shifted off the Tigers forward lynchpin by Alastair Clarkson. Obviously to run the rule over other options in the key defensive posts

Ben Stratton- 7/10

Solid as always

James Sicily- 7/10

Sicily was effective with his intercept marking and rebounding.

Blake Hardwick- 7/10

Similar to the game of Stratton

Jarman Impey- 7/10

I liked the game of Impey off half back. He was effective in his defensive duties and offered some crucial run from defence with his line breaking ability

Ricky Henderson- 7/10

Henderson never steals headlines but rarely lets the team down. This was a typical performance

James Cousins- 6/10

The youngster was very good in the first half in the midfield but struggled after when the intensity went up.

In the last quarter, he had a killer lapse when failing to kill the contest by getting the ball over the boundary line when outnumbered by 2 opponents. It led to a key goal for Richmond

Isaac Smith- 6/10

Smith was ok, but, his characteristic dash and line breaking ability was rarely seen. He missed a soda from 10 out from goal from a set shot late in the game

Dylan Moore- 2/10

Did not do much

Mitch Lewis- 6/10

The young key forward was very good in the first half with his one grab contested marking. His footy smarts also stood out. He struggled a tad after the initial burst when the Tigers locked down on him

Paul Puopolo- 5/10

Poppy was ok without doing anything to write home about

Luke Breust- 7/10

Always a dangerous forward. This game was no different for the small forward

BOG- Jarryd Roughead- 9.5/10

Arguably, Roughead’s best game for the club since returning from illness. He seemed freed by no longer being captain and looked so good. He kicked 5 goals and his positioning to win the pill and sharpshooting for goal was first rate

Shaun Burgoyne-9/10

The masterful veteran was brilliant in the first half as a floating forward. He assumed a quarterback role in setting up so much with his skill and footy smarts

Ben McEvoy- 6/10

Honest as he always

Jaeger O’Meara- 8/10

The midfielder looked so good early. His ability to win the pill and use it expertly was so impressive. The other stand out was his running to position off the ball and burst speed away from the clinches

Liam Shiels– 6/10

Shiels is always effective without ever being definitive

Tim O’Brien- 0/10

O’Brien sat out the first half. In the second he was thrown the challenge of playing as the number one key backman on Jack Riewoldt. It led to a fight back for the Tigers with O’Brien hopelessly out of his depth

David Mirra- 1/10
Similar to O’Brien. Sat out the first half and then looked mostly inadequate in defence

Jonathon Ceglar- 2/10

A largely anonymous display

Harry Morrison- 6/10

The youngster stood out for some brilliant tackles

James Worpel- 6/10

The young midfielder won the footy but was let down at times by his decision making and skill execution. He took a good contested mark deep forward. A glimpse to his ability as a small forward where he would arguably benefit the team more with his desperation, pressure acts and ability in similar contests

Every time I watch Worpel, he reminds me so much of Will Langford as a midfielder

Conor Nash- 2/10

Played the second half and didn’t do much

Oliver Hanrahan- 6/10

Played the second half as a small forward and showed some very good signs

Jack Scrimshaw-8/10

The ‘lovechild’ of Grant Birchall with his skill by foot rebounding out of defence and ability to be a factor with his size

Only early, but, Scrimshaw could be an absolute steal.

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